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  1. National Sample Survey Organization ( NSSO ) conducted a Situation Assessment Survey in 2013.
  2. The situation assessments and forecasts are published in monthly locust bulletins that date back to the 1970s.
  3. The primary multi-function display ( PMFD ) is located under the ICP, and is used for navigation and situation assessment.
  4. Analytical reasoning techniques are the method by which users obtain deep insights that directly support situation assessment, planning, and decision making.
  5. The " Friendship 2004 " drill centered around " information exchange and situation assessment " and land maneuvers, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
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  7. The operation will last as long as necessary, without a time limit, according to an ongoing situation assessment and according to the directives of the political echelon,
  8. Krugman discussed the balance sheet recession concept during 2010, agreeing with Koo's situation assessment and view that sustained deficit spending when faced with a balance sheet recession would be appropriate.
  9. It was recorded that Mr . Campbell was the first Briton to visit Ado-Ekiti for situation assessment and report in respect of Kiriji Proclamations at the termination of the Yoruba wars.
  10. "In the framework of the situation assessment . . . it was decided to allow residents of Nahariya and Maalot to return to normal daily life, " an army statement said.
  11. Cognitive task analysis is applied to modern work environments such as supervisory control where little physical work occurs, but the tasks are more related to situation assessment, decision making, and response planning and execution.
  12. Although alone it cannot guarantee successful decision making, SA does support the necessary input processes ( e . g ., cue recognition, situation assessment, prediction ) upon which good decisions are based ( Artman, 2000 ).
  13. The letter included a variety of principles and requirements, including a situation assessment, forecasts under various assumptions, taxpayer protection, transparent reporting to an oversight body, dividend and executive pay restrictions, and approach to covering healthcare and pension obligations.
  14. According to the indictment, Kamm illegally copied over 2, 000 classified documents during her military service at the IDF . Israeli law enforcement sources said the documents include " operational military information, security and situation assessments, meetings'minutes and protocols, highly sensitive intelligence information, orders of deployment and battle, drill briefings, and warfare doctrines for the West Bank ".

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