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  1. In " Situated Learning : Legitimate Peripheral Participation,"
  2. As always, situated learning accelerates a student learning process and ability.
  3. Epistemic Communities, Situated Learning and Open Source Software Development.
  4. It guarantees intrinsic motivation, generates cognitive conflicts and provides situated learning.
  5. This is another innovative way of utilizing situated learning.
  6. It's difficult to find situated learning in a sentence.
  7. Ackermann conducted early research that attempted to reconcile Piagetian principles with situated learning.
  8. Lessons are generally taught in a classroom but may instead take place in a situated learning environment.
  9. Students learn in different manners and visualization or situated learning seems to be the most used of all learning styles.
  10. At the Media Lab, Breazeal continues to work on social interaction and socially situated learning between people and robots.
  11. Situated learning deals with how one's knowledge over the course of an activity and how they create and interpret.
  12. Situated learning allows employees to immediately apply what they've learned in the context of performing job-related tasks.
  13. Situated learning is becoming more involved with technology in ways to help individuals learn information differently than they have in the past.
  14. Often, the benefits of situated learning extend well beyond the immediate group of practitioners throughout the organization and the broader community.
  15. One can deem Katona's explanation of " habitual behavior " as one of the precursors of situated learning and knowledge.
  16. Through situated learning students will be able to learn the skills and also be able to accurately use the skills they have learned.
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