situated behind in a sentence

"situated behind" in Chinese  
  1. The building, situated behind Neues Schloss, was destroyed in World War II.
  2. The Naupada or Behrampada slums are situated behind the New MIG Colony.
  3. The Bute Museum of the island's history is situated behind Rothesay Castle.
  4. It is situated behind the main church and contains also 1245 skulls.
  5. The Lourdes Grotto, an official pilgrimage shrine, is situated behind O'Connell Hall.
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  7. The largest of the murals is situated behind the Speaker's famous Pennsylvanians.
  8. It is situated behind the main ridge that lies east of Fremantle.
  9. Holding 2, 372 fans, it is situated behind one of the goals.
  10. The Black Bull Inn is situated behind St Peter's Church on Kirkgate.
  11. A single pilot sat at the front, with an equipment bay situated behind.
  12. A corner of the wall surrounding Fort Cornwallis is situated behind the tower.
  13. A pad situated behind the seat secures the rider in place.
  14. There is a lane situated behind the children's quarters, used as a carport.
  15. Two Carolina silverbells ( Halesia carolina ) are now situated behind the stewartia.
  16. Runnymede Pool is situated behind the Council Offices in Kiln Road, South Benfleet.
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