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  1. In practice, the team s construction of shared understanding in their knowledge-construction process is contextually tied to situated activities.
  2. The sociocultural perspective, on the other hand, views language learning tasks and contexts as situated activities that are continually under development ( 22 ) and that are influential upon individuals strategic orientations to classroom learning . 
  3. In CA, the form and meaning of an utterance is a product of situated activity-which is to say meaning is highly contextual ( within a social, interactive context ) and contingent upon how participants respond to each other regardless of grammatical completeness of an utterance.
  4. Systems here mean to Giddens " the situated activities of human agents " ( " The Constitution of Society . " ) and " the patterning of social relations across space-time " ( " Politics, Sociology and Social Theory " ) and " systems of generative rules and sets, implicated in the articulation of social systems " ( " The Constitution of Society . " ), existing virtually " out of time and out of space " ( " New rules . . . . " ).
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