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  1. The capital is El Porvenir, where the airport is situated.
  2. Ruidoso's perfectly situated for either winter or summer visitors.
  3. Why are barbecue restaurants situated just in southern and eastern Kansas?
  4. And well-situated properties are being recycled more than once.
  5. A spectacularly situated, moderately priced steakhouse steeped in California history.
  6. It's difficult to find situate in a sentence.
  7. The tail is where both of the black boxes were situated.
  8. Tenke's mining concessions are fortuitously situated, said Shane.
  9. It is beautifully situated in a park overlooking the Tshopo River.
  10. You get things situated just so, and you leave it.
  11. Now peace reigns at the school situated in a Washington suburb.
  12. The gallery is well situated, not far from 57th Street.
  13. Smaller companies situated down the road usually can offer lower rates.
  14. McCain has situated himself in the sweet spot of American politics.
  15. Toilets situated in rooms decorated with tasteful paintings and flower arrangements.
  16. The importers are situated throughout the country, the memorandum said.
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