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  1. They were greeted by Governor-General Sir William Deane, Howard and other dignitaries.
  2. Dexter suggests that Sir William was already dead when he was stabbed.
  3. His great-grandfather, Sir William Wright, was chairman of the Hull Dock company.
  4. 1495-Sir William Stanley, King Henry VII's Lord Chamberlain, is executed in England.
  5. Mel Gibson's lavish, violent, three-hour biography of Scottish hero Sir William Wallace.
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  7. It is eventually discovered that Sir William was poisoned before being stabbed.
  8. Then somebody stabs Gambon's Sir William, the hateful master of Gosford Park.
  9. Now Sir William Logan isn't exactly a household name, even in Canada.
  10. Chairman Sir William Purves said in an interview with Bloomberg Business News.
  11. Robert Charnock had served under George Porter and Sir William Parkyns.
  12. The restaurant was taken over by Sir William Steward in 1930.
  13. A design introduced by Sir William Bruce in the 17th century.
  14. Sir Thomas Ryves and Sir William Ryves were his first cousins.
  15. Alan Bates is Sir William's officious butler and Derek Jacobi is his valet.
  16. He attended the anatomical lectures of Sir William Jardine, in 1845.
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