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  1. Sir Walter Scott praised Erskine in his novel " Guy Mannering ".
  2. Maidment was also a poet and a friend of Sir Walter Scott.
  3. This is an excellent rendering of Sir Walter Scott's tales of chivalry.
  4. Sir Walter Scott described football as " his favourite border sport ".
  5. Other famous people were added, including Lord Nelson and Sir Walter Scott.
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  7. William Henry Fox Talbot's " Effigy of Sir Walter Scott's Favorite Dog,"
  8. In 1825 he was the guest of Sir Walter Scott at Abbotsford.
  9. Sir David appears as a character in Sir Walter Scott's epic poem Marmion.
  10. One of the last to be cursed was the novelist Sir Walter Scott.
  11. Sir Walter Scott gave the battle a prominent place in " Waverley ".
  12. Sir Walter Scott was affected by the failure of both firms.
  13. It was formerly the residence of historical novelist and poet, Sir Walter Scott.
  14. The Wordsworths, Coleridge and Sir Walter Scott all visited the Falls.
  15. Sir Walter Scott dined at Gardie House during his 1814 visit to Shetland.
  16. It had been purchased in 1809 by Sir Walter Scott and subsequently forgotten.
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