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  1. The most famous of these expeditions were led by Sir Walter Raleigh.
  2. 1604-Sir Walter Raleigh is tried for treason and is imprisoned in England.
  3. In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh's ship Tiger wrecked on the uncharted shoals.
  4. In November he took part in the trial of Sir Walter Raleigh.
  5. Devon is particularly known for its Richard Grenville and Sir Walter Raleigh.
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  7. Once awakened, I don't think even Sir Walter Raleigh could measure that.
  8. The Chapel was where Sir Walter Raleigh and Lady Raleigh attended services.
  9. In 1589, Lismore was leased and later acquired by Sir Walter Raleigh.
  10. The county was founded in 1850 and is named for Sir Walter Raleigh.
  11. The Sir Walter Raleigh is typical of hotels of the 1920s.
  12. He named the Native American tribesman, Raleigh after his cousin Sir Walter Raleigh.
  13. In November he was one of the lords who tried Sir Walter Raleigh.
  14. Hoskins was an intimate of John Selden, Sir Walter Raleigh and Ben Jonson.
  15. Like Sir Walter Raleigh throwing down his cape for Queen Elizabeth?
  16. The first European to discover Guiana was Sir Walter Raleigh, an English explorer.
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