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  1. Hogan said Sir Tristram's influence would be felt for many years.
  2. Following the later explosion, " Sir Tristram " was abandoned.
  3. Sir Tristram, who was 26, apparently suffered the injury while galloping in his paddock.
  4. Sir Tristram Dillington, great-grandson of the lastnamed Robert, was the last of the direct line.
  5. He married Susanna Catherina Beresford, daughter of Sir Tristram Beresford, 3rd Bt . and Hon.
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  7. The progeny of Sir Tristram has earned over U . S . dlrs 30 million in prize money.
  8. With Sir Morganore, it was Hector de Maris who welcomed Sir Tristram to Camelot when he was shipwrecked nearby.
  9. He was the son of Sir Tristram Beresford, 1st Baronet and his first wife Anne Rowley, daughter of John Rowley.
  10. "' Sylvester Lavenham "' Grandfather to Ludovic Lavenham and Eustacie de Vauban, great-uncle to Sir Tristram Shield and Basil Lavenham.
  11. "' Ludovic Lavenham "' Grandson to Sylvester, Lord Lavenham, cousin to Basil Lavenham, Sir Tristram Shield and Eustacie de Vauban.
  12. "' Mademoiselle Eustacie de Vauban "' Granddaughter to Sylvester, Lord Lavenham, cousin to Sir Tristram Shield and Basil and Ludovic Lavenham.
  13. Sir Tristram, the greatest thoroughbred stallion in the southern hemisphere, had to be humanely destroyed Wednesday after suffering a broken shoulder.
  14. He has also refused to lie back and wait to die, having summoned Sir Tristram Shield to be married to his great-niece Eustacie.
  15. She then ran third in the Desert Gold Stakes at Trentham before winning the Group 2 Sir Tristram Fillies Classic at Te Rapa.
  16. Whilst he was known as a sire of stayers, Sir Tristram's progeny and further descendants have excelled over a wide range of distances.
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