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  1. Geoffrey makes Arthur's capital Caerleon and even Sir Thomas Malory has Arthur re-crowned there.
  2. Based on Sir Thomas Malory's " Le Morte D'Arthur,"
  3. Sir Thomas Malory was likely familiar with the details of the English Statute of Treasons.
  4. Two other Red Knights appear in the tale of Gareth in Sir Thomas Malory's " Le Morte d'Arthur ".
  5. He is best known for discovering the Winchester Manuscript of Sir Thomas Malory's " Le Morte d'Arthur " in 1934.
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  7. Sir Lancelot kills a dragon that is living inside a tomb, in Sir Thomas Malory's " Le Morte d'Arthure ".
  8. "Excalibur " ( 1981 ) _ Director John Boorman tackles Sir Thomas Malory's " Le Morte d'Arthur " with stunning results.
  9. The circumstances surrounding the conception of the boy Galahad are explained by Sir Thomas Malory and derive from the Lancelot-Grail cycle.
  10. Sir Thomas Malory was excluded from all four, and died in prison in 1471, shortly after completing L Morte d Arthur.
  11. The six original tapestries illustrate the story of the Grail quest as told in Sir Thomas Malory's " Morte d'Arthur ".
  12. Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur canonizes King Arthur's murder at the hands of Sir Mordred during the Battle of Camlann.
  13. She produced an adaption of Sir Thomas Malory's " Le morte d'Arthur " and a scholarly study of The Chartist Land Company.
  14. The Post-Vulgate " Suite " was the inspiration for the early parts of Sir Thomas Malory's English language " Le Morte d'Arthur ".
  15. :Sir Thomas Malory was a pretty interesting character a real swashbuckling adventurer ( sort of ), and a major contributor to the Arthur Cycle.
  16. In Sir Thomas Malory's " Le Morte d'Arthur ", Guinevere is found guilty, however, Lancelot returns to help Guinevere to escape from the castle.
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