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  1. The resulting metal is sintered until sufficiently ductile for metalworking.
  2. Most, if not all, metals can be sintered.
  3. Sintered-metallic linings, segmented for cooling, were again optional.
  4. All of the friction surfaces on the Synchronizer rings are sintered bronze.
  5. All of the friction surfaces on the synchronizer rings are sintered bronze.
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  7. :" " Sintered Nd2Fe14B tends to be vulnerable to corrosion.
  8. It is also prepared as sheets and sintered powder for coating metals.
  9. Sintered pads offer improved heat up time and better wet weather performance.
  10. A sintered felt of olefin fibres is sold under the trade name Tyvek.
  11. Silicon-infiltrated sintered form for diesel particulate filters.
  12. The strip is then sintered and subjected to another rolling and further sintering.
  13. The powder is sintered into cores to manufacture inductors.
  14. A Schlenk filter consists of sintered glass funnel fitted with joints and stopcocks.
  15. The 75 mm Pzgr . 39 / 42 of sintered iron driving bands.
  16. These first sintered tantalum capacitors used a liquid electrolyte.
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