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  1. The light meter used a dual-concentric segmented silicon photodiode to provide spot or center-weighted readings.
  2. The Advanced Vela satellites were additionally equipped with two non-imaging silicon photodiode sensors called " bhangmeters " which monitored light levels over sub-millisecond intervals.
  3. When the signal current from the silicon photodiode was too large, the input stage of the amplifier would saturate and cause undesirable delays when the optical signal was removed.
  4. The DP-3 introduced three innovations : a silicon photodiode light meter ( a first for Nikon SLRs ) for faster and more accurate light readings, a five-stage center-the-LED exposure control system using + / o /  " LEDs, and an eyepiece blind.
  5. The FM3A's metering information system consisted of a match-needle system using two needles pointing along a vertical shutter speed scale on the left side of the viewfinder to indicate the readings of the built-in 60 / 40 % centerweighted silicon photodiode light meter versus the actual camera settings.
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  7. The major improvements in the FM2 compared to the FM were silicon photodiode light meter sensors, limited automatic dedicated electronic flash control and, most famously, a mechanically-timed vertical metal shutter ( bearing mounted for reduced friction and extended life ) reaching a top speed of an unprecedented 1 / 4000th second, with an X-sync of 1 / 200.
  8. The CLE has an electronic focal plane shutter to 1 / 1000 seconds, and a through-the-lens ( TTL ) silicon photodiode ( SPD ) exposure meter with aperture-priority automatic or manual exposure, and automated ambient and flash exposure metering system continuing to work and dynamically adjusting the shutter speed and TTL, off the film ( OTF ) flash during the exposure itself.

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