short notice in a sentence

"short notice" meaning  "short notice" in Chinese  
  1. Blix has said his teams are ready to return on short notice.
  2. That missile will have the range to strike Israel on short notice.
  3. I think we demonstrated the ability to project power on short notice.
  4. We would then have to find a suitable alternative at short notice.
  5. Ms . Murphy was replacing on short notice the soprano Noemi Nadelmann.
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  7. The first group of 25 medics returned on short notice Monday night.
  8. He always reserves the right to come down here on short notice.
  9. Many stationers in Hong Kong will perform this service on short notice.
  10. He always reserves the right to come down here on short notice,
  11. And flights that are available on short notice often require high fares.
  12. Not all her former students could make it on such short notice.
  13. Frieder could have a glut of scholarships available on short notice.
  14. Towooart provides a short notice and an argumented selection of paintings.
  15. Even on short notice Hearn was amazing; he remains so here.
  16. He has said inspectors are ready to return on short notice.
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