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  1. Linda Heidinger, owner of the Alphabets gift shops, agreed.
  2. "She shops a lot, " she said.
  3. This put the reservation shops and their 500 jobs in jeopardy.
  4. Mexico City shop owner Jorge Daniel Zarate, 28, disagrees.
  5. Everyone who owns a business or a shop will be affected.
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  7. Shop clerks now fret if a traveler lingers in their store.
  8. For traditional pet shop owners, the pressure is even greater.
  9. Commercial activity picked up downtown as shop owners reopened their storefronts.
  10. The goods are sold in small shops run by the sect.
  11. Still, parents shop for uniforms, hoping for the best.
  12. They can advise about area shops, museums and other attractions.
  13. Quaker Bridge arranged a slightly smaller space for Halloween Adventure Shops.
  14. But they come back to Halloween Adventure Shops for the experience.
  15. Chimayo is also the home of Ortega's Weaving Shop.
  16. Well, everyone except maybe that guy at the doughnut shop.
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