shoo away in a sentence

"shoo away" meaning  "shoo away" in Chinese  
  1. He shoos away any boys who show an interest in her.
  2. They are exceptionally annoying and don't shoo away easily.
  3. Move ! " tried to shoo away onlookers and reporters.
  4. Last year a Lakeland man even used gunfire to shoo away rivals.
  5. The onslaught of swing is enough to shoo away any bad moods.
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  7. He had tried to shoo away the nuisances _ " Out!
  8. A security guard drives by to shoo away the group.
  9. He wasn't one to shoo away a stray.
  10. Workers stood by to shoo away swarms of flies.
  11. They have also learned how to shoo away butterflies.
  12. They used tree branches to shoo away the flies.
  13. The car washers shoo away any gawkers or anyone with a video camera.
  14. He tries to shoo away the horse with stones.
  15. But other times, Stoitchkov shoos away reporters as if they were stray dogs.
  16. Security agents for both vacationing leaders tried to shoo away photographers and reporters on Sunday.
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