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  1. Each blast of the shofar brought renewed hope in the men.
  2. Gobble a juicy Goliath Burger and snap up a souvenir shofar.
  3. They hadn't seen a shofar for three years.
  4. We are busy blowing the shofar alerting our merciful but vengeful God.
  5. But when they blow the shofar I run out of the shul.
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  7. Let the rabbi come to them with the shofar, they pleaded.
  8. You hear a loud chorus of shofars, some off-pitch,
  9. Epcar last Saturday gave a class in how to sound a shofar.
  10. The shofar itself can be a symbol for many things,
  11. The Torah commands its people to hear the shofar on Rosh Hashana.
  12. Orthodox and Lubavitch congregations ban women and children from blowing the shofar.
  13. The shofar is usually blown both days of the Rosh Hashana holiday.
  14. On Jubilee Year, however, only the Shofar blasts.
  15. A 2006 controversy concerned the expansion plans of the Kol Shofar Synagogue.
  16. Kol Shofar's new space opened on August 29, 2010.
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