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  1. Fossett takes pride in having launched his project on a shoestring.
  2. It's tough touring The Big Apple on a shoestring.
  3. However, I could only do this on a shoestring budget.
  4. These days, Reynolds functions on prayer and a shoestring budget.
  5. All it would take would be a string of shoestring catches.
  6. It's difficult to find shoestring in a sentence.
  7. The David vs . Goliath battle is waged on a shoestring.
  8. Delhi was also the place where my shoestring budget was busted.
  9. Russell was forced to build the program with a shoestring budget.
  10. A haystack of cleanly fried shoestring potatoes could serve a tugboat crew.
  11. He turned a shoestring operation into a smoothly functioning corporation.
  12. WALKING TOUR OF GRAMERCY PARK, Adventure on a Shoestring.
  13. All this from a two-person office with a shoestring budget.
  14. In previous administrations the protocol office was a shoestring affair.
  15. Yet, Ms . Streb has always lived on a financial shoestring.
  16. But many diversity organizations operate with volunteers on shoestring budgets.
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