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  1. Shields helped reduce sacks allowed from 48 in 1992 to 35.
  2. Police confronting protesters use shields and tear gas but not guns.
  3. She complied while trying to shield them from the encroaching flames.
  4. Ozone in the stratosphere shields living organisms from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  5. In California, Blue Cross and Blue Shield are separate companies.
  6. It's difficult to find shield in a sentence.
  7. "That Veritas shield, " he said happily.
  8. Many Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans also have big HMOs.
  9. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts is studying the issue.
  10. The Pentagon calls it " Operation Desert Shield ."
  11. That law allows journalists to shield themselves and their confidential sources.
  12. We would come home on our shields as opposed to failing.
  13. There's been another big change in Shields'career.
  14. No, Brooke Shields hasn't made a biker movie.
  15. Levi Strauss placed khaki pants under plastic shields at bus shelters.
  16. Many hostages were immediately pushed into windows to act as shields.
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