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  1. This is the basis of the shahada, or declaration of faith.
  2. Savalde village is situated around 5 km South-west of Shahada.
  3. Fresh vegetables and milk in Shahada town comes from villages like Savalde.
  4. Shahada is on average 455 feet above sea level.
  5. "Shahada " is a statement of both ritual and worship.
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  7. Languages / dialects spoken in Shahada town and Nandurbar districts are Gujar, Hindi.
  8. Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd has installed 9 seismograph stations around Shahada in Maharashtra.
  9. Shahada is one of these 9 Seismograph Stations.
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  11. In Shahada, 12.95 % of the population is under 6 years of age.
  12. In 1906 Hadejia resisted British occupation, under the then Emir ( Muhammadu Mai-Shahada)
  13. Common colors in Arab flags are stars, crescents and the " Shahada ".
  14. Sarangkheda village is situated around 15 km South of Shahada on the bank of Tapti River.
  15. They recited the " shahada, " or testimony, after him in one voice.
  16. Umayr was so awe-struck that he immediately said his shahada, hence becoming a Muslim.
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