shagreen in a sentence

"shagreen" meaning  "shagreen" in Chinese  
  1. We have people who are mixing shagreen and parchment with everything.
  2. The skin of the dorsum is finely shagreen with small pustules.
  3. Frank let the wood or shagreen or cracked eggshell be the decoration.
  4. Three items made of shagreen can be found in the Topkapi collection.
  5. Snout is truncate and dorsal skin is shagreen with spinules.
  6. It's difficult to find shagreen in a sentence.
  7. The dorsal surface of the skin is a rough shagreen.
  8. The elderly shopkeeper leads him to a piece of shagreen hanging on the wall.
  9. The dorsum is shagreen with numerous subconical tubercles.
  10. An entertainment center finished in parchment-toned shagreen squares and ebony scores a knockout.
  11. The dorsum is smooth to finally shagreen.
  12. The top is covered in shagreen.
  13. You can expect to pay a premium for fine pieces, which shagreen items usually are.
  14. The shagreen ray feeds on a variety of benthic animals, mainly fishes but also crustaceans.
  15. Most surviving shagreen examples prior to the 18th century are weapons, impressive Japanese swords and daggers.
  16. One of the many historical applications of shark shagreen was in making hand-grips for swords.
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