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  1. Shortly afterwards, their " Writhing On The Shagpile"
  2. By 1992 they had signed with Shock Records'label, Shagpile Records and released the album that year.
  3. In March 1995, Frenzal Rhomb released their first studio album, " Coughing Up a Storm ", on Shock Records'sub-label Shagpile Records.
  4. A five-track extended play, " Time to Grow Up ", was issued in that same month . " Take a Look Inside " was released in September on Shagpile Records and distributed by Shock Records.
  5. They followed with two studio albums on Arschlock / Shagpile distributed by Shock Records, " Self Totalled " ( 1995 ) and " Oh What a Lovely Pie " ( August 1997 ), which appeared on Amphetamine in America.
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  7. In October that year Front End Loader toured Europe supporting No Means No . Their second album, " Let's Ride ! ", as well as its lead single, " Be Jesus ", were released in March 1995 by Shagpile Records and distributed by Shock Records.

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