shadow in a sentence

"shadow" meaning  "shadow" in Chinese  
  1. And it is not easy to build in the shadow of.
  2. The memory of 1988 casts a deep shadow over this election.
  3. Still, Switzer must contend with Johnson's considerable shadow.
  4. He has worked hard for acceptance in the shadow of Montana.
  5. In the center of the room, Heath is shadow boxing.
  6. It's difficult to find shadow in a sentence.
  7. And the blue eye shadow is for all those lonely nights.
  8. The emergence of Todd Kelly and Dana Hall from the shadows.
  9. Maybe for a minute God cast a shadow over his face.
  10. Amid so much derivative art, these achievements cast long shadows.
  11. On the basis of " The Shadow Box,"
  12. -- If Madonna sees her shadow, no one cares.
  13. His unpublished book is called " Moon Shadows ."
  14. A cop periodically bellowing epithets shadows even a campy second scene.
  15. Laying real low in the shadow of the road to success.
  16. A shark in the shadows could really spoil your photo session.
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