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  1. An evening at Sha Tin was the highlight of the visit.
  2. This summer is going to be a big sha-bang.
  3. Sha said, leaving China dangerously vulnerable to bullying or attack.
  4. Sha did not say in detail how this might be done.
  5. Sha said, " we are prepared to be flexible.
  6. It's difficult to find sha in a sentence.
  7. Ambassador Sha Zukang told the 61-nation Conference on Disarmament.
  8. The Durex exhibition in Tsim Sha Tsui gets off the ground.
  9. The slopes behind the monastery in Sha Tin were declared dangerous.
  10. Green Island and Cheung Sha Wan could become secondary business centres.
  11. Sha'chadinnih is a phonetic approximation of the Caddo name.
  12. Silvan Shalom-- SIHL'- vihn sha-LOHM'
  13. Sha Tin Park is another major park located in Sha Tin.
  14. Sha Tin Park is another major park located in Sha Tin.
  15. When Sha Shan was attacked by the true identity was revealed.
  16. The non-franchised routes serve mainly City One Sha Tin.
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