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  1. 1 / 2 ounce semi-sweet chocolate, shaved or curled
  2. America, to me, is a semi-police state.
  3. The only people with semi-automatics were in the movies.
  4. But quoting happens, and the consequences are semi-tragic.
  5. INSIDE TRACK : Semi-luxury for the self-effacing.
  6. It's difficult to find semi in a sentence.
  7. Two semi-trailers were needed to haul off the shells.
  8. Well, the car was hit by a semi-trailer.
  9. Take more than a semi-trailer to do real damage.
  10. The transfer of semi-skilled jobs overseas is hardly new.
  11. Most of the buying is impulsive, or semi-impulsive.
  12. He calls his plays " semi-autobiographical ."
  13. Some were semi-professional jobs, printed on offset presses.
  14. Scott's semi-retirement is not health-related.
  15. National Semi's problems are symptomatic of a wounded industry.
  16. The old-timers called it a semi-surface plug.
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