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  1. They proposed the use of five general segmentation criteria which they arranged in a nested hierarchy.
  2. Segmentation criteria can be arbitrarily complex and may take into account global as well as local criteria.
  3. Rimal, Brown, Mkandawire, Folda, Bose and Creel identified risk perceptions and efficacy beliefs as the main audience segmentation criteria for the HIV-prevention project in Malawi.
  4. "' Attitudinal targeting "'is a type of market segmentation that layers objective research findings, typically from surveys or focus groups, into other targeting segmentation criteria.
  5. As the application of all the criteria recommended by Wind and Cardozo and subsequent scholars who expanded upon their two-stage theory became increasingly difficult due to the complexity of modern businesses, Bonoma and Shapiro suggest that the same / similar criteria be applied in multi-process manner to allow flexibility to marketers in selecting or avoiding the criteria as suited to their businesses .  They proposed the use of the following five general segmentation criteria which they arranged in a nested hierarchy:
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