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  1. This process is known as Segmentation and Reassembly ( see below ).
  2. By separating the functions of segmentation and reassembly from cell transport, AAL5 follows the layering principle.
  3. Specialized segmentation and reassembly, which were compatible with Ethernet's spanning tree algorithm, was implemented in each switch to support jumbo packets.
  4. Commonly used approaches include checksum offloading, TCP segmentation and reassembly offloading, transparent proxies in two or more middleboxes, and TCP offload engines.
  5. Bundle Service Layering, implemented as the Bundling protocol suite for delay-tolerant networking, will provide general purpose delay-tolerant protocol services in support of a range of applications : custody transfer, segmentation and reassembly, end-to-end reliability, end-to-end security, and end-to-end routing among them.
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  7. Specifically, at speeds of OC-3 and above, the cost of segmentation and reassembly ( SAR ) hardware makes ATM less competitive for IP than Packet Over SONET ( POS ); because of its fixed 48-byte cell payload, ATM is not suitable as a data link layer " directly " underlying IP ( without the need for SAR at the data link level ) since the OSI layer on which IP operates must provide a maximum transmission unit ( MTU ) of at least 576 bytes.
  8. However, as in ATM, the tolerance may be applied to a lower rate, in that case the segmentation and reassembly ), where the packets are transmitted with a maximum bandwidth determined by the SCR and cells within the packets are transmitted at the PCR; thus allowing the last cell of the packet, and the packet itself, to arrive significantly earlier than it would if the cells were sent at the SCR : transmission duration = ( MBS-1 ) / PCR rather than ( MBS-1 ) / SCR . This bursting at the PCR puts a significantly higher load on shared resources, e . g . switch output buffers, than does transmission at the SCR, and is thus more likely to result in buffer overflows and network congestion.

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