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  1. They are the world's largest ( patriarchal ) segmentary lineage ethnic group.
  2. Queen's University Papers in Social Anthropology ", including the one in which they questioned the segmentary lineage system.
  3. The largest segmentary lineage society today is believed to be the Pashtun people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, with some 50 million members organized into a vast tribal structure.
  4. A "'segmentary lineage "'society is characterized by the organization of the society into segments; what is often referred to as a tribal society.
  5. However, it should be kept in mind that the system of social organization characteristic of most East African peoples was the segmentary lineage organization as described by Evans Pritchard's famous work on the Nuer.
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  7. There's some discussion of this type of genealogies in a non-Biblical context in article segmentary lineage ( which could be better ) . . . talk ) 18 : 03, 17 March 2014 ( UTC)
  8. Apparently the Longshan people were organized, according to early historical records, as ancient Chinese people were, into segmentary lineages, and their political status, both within lineages and between them, was predetermined in a hierarchical fashion.
  9. This form of social organization has also been called " segmentary lineage model ", and prevailed mostly among Semitic peoples, such as Arabs or ancient Israelites, but also among Tai societies and some societies from East Africa such as the Nuer, whom Evans-Pritchard studied extensively.
  10. C . C . Lamberg-Karlovsky wrote the following about the period of the Three Dynasties ( Xia, Shang and Zhou ) in " Archaeological Thought in America " : " The Chinese state of the Three Dynasties, which did possess both law and military force, was, nevertheless, built upon a hierarchical system of segmentary lineages, where the distance away from the main line of patrilineal descent determined political status and the share of political power.

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