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  1. -- Security records will be included in an employee's performance evaluation.
  2. Another is in the Social Security records from 1937 to 1992.
  3. Kelly even forged her son's signature on a request for Social Security records.
  4. For all these reasons, workers should still check their Social Security records regularly.
  5. This aides in observing and guaranteeing the security records that are being faxed.
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  7. Guinness, however, doesn't recognize her evidence, Social Security records, as adequate.
  8. So Social Security records of a Florida woman who says she's 121 aren't enough.
  9. Similarly, the chief suspect, Timothy McVeigh, was identified after agents combed Social Security records.
  10. Summaries of security records released by the White House indicate that Trie enjoyed considerable access.
  11. Overall, Logan's security record is dismal, the data suggest.
  12. Because computer chips control everything from missiles to Social Security records, the implications are frightening.
  13. The council decided we needed information from security records.
  14. United has the third-worst security record among major airlines.
  15. The company cross-checks Social Security records to make sure applicants are who they say they are.
  16. Those recipients would show up on the AHCCCS rolls, but not on the Social Security record.
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