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  1. Herman Edwards, the Chiefs'secondary coach, thinks so.
  2. For about two hours Friday, his family tree was secondary.
  3. There are still some decisions to be made in the secondary,
  4. And there will be some big hits coming from this secondary.
  5. The secondary figures to hold up its end of the bargain.
  6. It's difficult to find secondary in a sentence.
  7. They realize the secondary is the strong point of the defense.
  8. It was enough to give fits to the Saints'secondary.
  9. But this year, our secondary is actually catching the ball.
  10. Q . What do you think of the Giants'secondary?
  11. Safety Charles Mincy and cornerback Jay Taylor are in the secondary.
  12. Other lenders use private secondary market investor pools for similar purposes.
  13. The secondary clearly is the strength of the 49ers'defense.
  14. When he started the year his scoring was secondary to him,
  15. Edwards, who coaches the secondary, could not be reached.
  16. The team hopes to bolster its defensive line and defensive secondary.
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