secondary address in a sentence

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  1. DSL also comes with a primary e-mail address and additional secondary addresses.
  2. If the secondary address is specified as a non-zero value ( e . g.
  3. If the secondary address isn't specified or is specified as 0 ( e . g.
  4. Sometimes followed by a secondary address.
  5. Followed up by ATN line true and " Device number 8, listen ", " Secondary address 2, data ".
  6. It's difficult to find secondary address in a sentence.
  7. A secondary address can be what you give out to the unknowns who may turn it into the object of spam.
  8. Load relocation happens in the host, being an exception to what is said above about the secondary address being used only device-internally.
  9. It will also allow all the machines to share a single IP address, by letting you assign them all a secondary address on your network.
  10. On higher logical level the host will set the ATN line to true and transmit the bytes " Device number 8, listen ", " Secondary address 2, open ".
  11. A fire gutted the top floor of the building and destroyed the roof in June 1981, but the structure survived and was restored for new tenants occupying the primary address at 20 Richmond Street East, with secondary addresses at 157 Yonge and 106 Victoria.
  12. The "'Former New York Life Insurance Company Building "', also known as the "'Clock Tower Building "', is an office building located at 346 Broadway ( with a secondary address of 108 Leonard Street ) between Catherine Lane and Leonard Street, in Manhattan, New York City.

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