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  1. Secondary activities include Procurement, Human Resource management, Technological Development and Infrastructure.
  2. Sheep and goat rearing is a secondary activity for many herders.
  3. It may also have a secondary activity cycle of 9.6 years.
  4. Eruptive activity itself could continue for years, followed by years of decreasing secondary activity.
  5. Business tourism can be divided into primary and secondary activities.
  6. It's difficult to find secondary activity in a sentence.
  7. Trout farming and beekeeping as well as flour production are among the secondary activities.
  8. Consultancy, marketing and specialist services are its secondary activities.
  9. Some secondary activities, like listening to music, have been found to enhance concentration, he said.
  10. There are 17 worlds, each with unique characters, a single primary goal, and secondary activities.
  11. Its secondary activities were trade of amazing agricultural products and organizations of the agricultural labour force.
  12. Tuomela currently resides in Scotland pursuing post-secondary activities.
  13. Secondary activities are actions directed at businesses and individuals not directly connected to the labor dispute.
  14. Eruptions would likely continue for a period of time, followed by years of decreasing secondary activity.
  15. However, recording and attempting to budget for secondary activities often leads to political pressure to drop such activities.
  16. According to Hartmut Mehdorn, Sarrazin broke his contract with the company, which stated that secondary activities are not allowed.
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