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  1. This increases the reabsorption of divalent cations by secondary active transport.
  2. These co-transporters are an example of secondary active transport.
  3. Secondary active transport involves the use of an electrochemical gradient.
  4. The co-transporters are examples of secondary active transport.
  5. This may occur in addition to or instead of the secondary active transport mechanism established for ACR3 members noted above.
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  7. This happens because of the sodium gradient between the tubule and the cell and therefore provides a secondary active transport of glucose.
  8. Proton-translocating ATPases have fundamental roles in energy conservation, secondary active transport, acidification of intracellular compartments, and cellular pH homeostasis.
  9. In secondary active transport, one species of solute moves along its electrochemical gradient, allowing a different species to move against its own electrochemical gradient.
  10. Positively charged residues in TMS8 of several ktr / Trk / HKT transporters probably face the channel and block a conformational change that is essential for channel activity while allowing secondary active transport.
  11. He also showed that the gradients of pH and membrane potential generated by the primary proton pump in the plasmalemma could be used to drive secondary active transport of other solutes, sugars, amino acids and other ions.
  12. The two ways in which glucose uptake can take place are facilitated diffusion ( a passive process ) and secondary active transport ( an active process which depends on the ion-gradient which is established through the hydrolysis of ATP, known as primary active transport ).
  13. This is a secondary active transport because the sodium gradient generated for the functioning of the sodium / calcium exchanger is created by the sodium / potassium pump which requires ATP . Sodium and water are transported across the brush border along with the sugars in this process.
  14. Antiport and symport processes are associated with secondary active transport, meaning that one of the two substances is transported in the direction of its concentration gradient, utilizing the energy derived from the transport of such substance ( mostly Na, K or H ions ) down its concentration gradient.

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