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  1. More and more they were inclined to take'secondary action', supporting strikes even in industries outwith their own.
  2. He took the 1990 Employment Act through Parliament which effectively made pre-entry closed shops and secondary action unlawful.
  3. The important thing about secondary actions is that they emphasize, rather than take attention away from the main action.
  4. However, the actual decision which appears to allow secondary action may have been limited by developments from the 1980s.
  5. The ban on secondary action has remained intact for over twenty years, notwithstanding two changes of government during that time.
  6. It's difficult to find secondary actions in a sentence.
  7. The facts of the matter are unimportant; the ostensible subject of this RfArb is petty, a constellation of secondary actions.
  8. Adding secondary actions to the main action gives a scene more life, and can help to support the main action.
  9. The " May Days " had secondary actions in many towns, mainly in the provinces of FAI, Libertarian Youth and POUM.
  10. In this way, performativity reverses the idea that an identity is the source of more secondary actions ( speech, gestures ).
  11. I find it, however, so transcendently stimulating and clarifying to the mind that its secondary action is a matter or small moment.
  12. So called " secondary action " was lawful from the Trade Union Act 1871 until 1927, and again from 1946 till 1980.
  13. The term " secondary action " is often used with the intention of distinguishing different types of trade dispute with a worker's direct employer.
  14. The laser provides a tiny " pilot light " activation energy, the majority of the energy and momentum will be liberated by the secondary action.
  15. Immunity is removed from secondary action when taken by workers of one company to pressurise another company where there is no dispute between their workers and employers.
  16. A few hours after the initial evacuation, there can be a secondary action which will continue as long as there is unexpelled bisacodyl present in the rectum.
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