secondary account in a sentence

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  1. It seems a little weird to me, maybe sockpuppets or secondary accounts?
  2. The not-as-popular yet reasonable secondary account depicts Yoshitsugu bedridden by his illness.
  3. Schutz's Wicodric as a secondary account for paid contributions since April 8, 2016.
  4. The same has been done to other secondary accounts of blocked or banned users.
  5. In some secondary accounts, it is said that Diogo Fernandes's ship was named " Set鷅al ".
  6. It's difficult to find secondary account in a sentence.
  7. There also seems to be a secondary account of this user involved in the deletion debate.
  8. This secondary account would not be involved in discussions on the NMS page as I have been.
  9. Now, I can understand that people felt ( rightly ) that Neil Larson was a secondary account.
  10. "Secondary accounts, whether opened by Hong Kong companies or Hong Kong individuals for domestic investors, aren't allowed.
  11. Use of a secondary account in these explicitly sanctioned ways is hardly violates the spirit of the policy.
  12. All file additions and revisions made in the secondary account will be replicated back to the main account.
  13. It is not wrong to have alternate accounts if they are used correctly and marked as secondary accounts.
  14. Thus a user could be admonished for disruptive actions even if they were performed from a secondary account.
  15. Should people be held responsible if they create a secondary account with the sole purpose of disruption or harrassment?
  16. If yes, then reviewing administrator may help blocking secondary account and granting you one more change assuming good faith.
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