secondarily in a sentence

"secondarily" meaning  "secondarily" in Chinese  
  1. Secondarily, I also kind of wondered if it really worked.
  2. "You're probably a businessman secondarily ."
  3. Only secondarily was journalism cited as a source for these themes.
  4. That responsibility lies primarily with the states and secondarily with Congress.
  5. Sea cucumbers and the irregular echinoids have secondarily evolved diverse shapes.
  6. It's difficult to find secondarily in a sentence.
  7. Approximants such as and may be either doubly or secondarily articulated.
  8. Only secondarily and incidentally does it sway the world of politics.
  9. Their lack of venom glands is a secondarily evolved trait.
  10. Maggots are also secondarily, and not primitively, apodous.
  11. The Paramount was built expressly for showing film and secondarily, vaudeville.
  12. Guiscarda's mother acted as primary regent, Guiscarda only secondarily.
  13. Economy is based mainly on agriculture and secondarily on labour.
  14. Secondarily, MFTA competes with makers of conventional medium-duty trucks.
  15. Secondarily, as with those examples, life gets complicated.
  16. This leaf eating beetle is primarily herbivorous and secondarily graminivorous.
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