seconda pratica in a sentence

  1. Her compositions are firmly rooted in the " seconda pratica " tradition.
  2. In addition to monodic works typical of the " Seconda pratica " style of early Monteverdi.
  3. It has a choir and an orchestra ( founded by Lutz as the " ensemble Schola Seconda Pratica " ) and features international soloists.
  4. Giacomo Vincenti, a music publisher, praised the women as " virtuose giovani " ( madrigal, and eventually the " seconda pratica ".
  5. I'm a bit confused about how there could be this strong tie to the " seconda pratica " and absolutely no relationship with opera.
  6. It's difficult to find seconda pratica in a sentence.
  7. Marenzio was involved in this move towards the " seconda pratica " style, so I'm not sure where you think this " peak " is.
  8. He developed two individual styles of composition  the heritage of Renaissance polyphony ( prima pratica ) and the new basso continuo technique of the Baroque ( seconda pratica ).
  9. In the preface of his 5th Book of Madrigals ( 1605 ) Monteverdi announced a book of his own : " Seconda pratica, overo perfettione della moderna musica ".
  10. The " concerto delle donne " revolutionized the role of women in professional music, and continued the tradition of the madrigal, and eventually the " seconda pratica ".
  11. In the early Baroque Claudio Monteverdi and his brother coined the term " prima pratica " to refer to the older style of Palestrina, and seconda pratica to refer to Monteverdi's music.
  12. Newcomb's POV seems to be that the " luxuriant style " of the 1580s led in some ways to the more declamatory and dramatic " seconda pratica " type style of the 1590s.
  13. The four-part " Quam pulchra es " has choral " prima pratica " sections, Gabrielian refrains in a dance-like rhythm, while solo parts are in the new " seconda pratica " style.
  14. It is in his sixth book of madrigals, published in 1600, the year traditionally ( and arbitrarily ) marking the end of the musical Renaissance, that his shift to the new style of the " seconda pratica " is most prominent.
  15. In the field of historically informed performance, she has worked with the choir Junge Kantorei in Eberbach Abbey in works of " Gloria in excelsis Deo ", BWV 191 with Rudolf Lutz conducting the Vokalensemble der Schola Seconda Pratica and tenor Johannes Kaleschke.
  16. Madrigalism reached new heights of emotional expression and chromaticism in what Claudio Monteverdi called his " seconda pratica " ( second practice ), which he saw originating with Cipriano de Rore and developing in the music of composers such as Luca Marenzio and Giaches de Wert.
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