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  1. For bending small tabs and seams, buy a hand seamer.
  2. The seams of the wallpaper are coming up because of moisture.
  3. They have also complained that their cleats catch on loose seams.
  4. The duct work often develops air leaks around seams and joints.
  5. Top brands include Nikwax, Seam Seal, Biwell and Snowseal.
  6. It's difficult to find seam in a sentence.
  7. Unraveling the plot seams are a vaguely familiar pair of heroes.
  8. You can also buy something called seam sealer for this purpose.
  9. A whole brisket has two sections joined at a natural seam.
  10. Roll the sushi forward so the seam is on the bottom.
  11. We filled all the seams with glop guaranteed to seal airtight.
  12. Finished seams on lacquered cotton garments were turned to the outside.
  13. You have to use a seam tape to seal the material.
  14. But also look at the exterior : Are the seams straight?
  15. There also were complaints about poor lighting and loose AstroTurf seams.
  16. Place filled tortilla, seam side down, in baking dish.
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