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  1. The rain left the pitch soft and receptive to seam bowling.
  2. Expecting the wicket to help seam bowling, the visitors included Wickremasinghe and all-rounder Dharmasena.
  3. The Australian batsmen struggled in the conditions against the seam bowling of Alec Kennedy.
  4. Caddick took three for five in 18 balls in a sustained spell of seam bowling.
  5. Another good example of seam bowling technique are the fast bowlers Courtney Walsh & Curtly Ambrose.
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  7. Sheriyar has had an impressive career taking over 600 wickets with his fast medium seam bowling.
  8. England sent New Zealand in to bat but failed to capitalize on ideal seam bowling conditions.
  9. Stewart punished some wayward New Zealand seam bowling, particularly from Cairns, whose six overs cost 36.
  10. Zaheer took 5-95 in 23 overs in a brilliant spell of left-arm swing and seam bowling.
  11. Expecting the wicket to help seam bowling, the visitors included Pramodaya Wickremasinghe and all-rounder Kumara Dharmasena.
  12. On 21 August 2013, Kerrigan made his Test match debut along with seam bowling all-rounder Chris Woakes.
  13. From then on Tate developed as a tireless fast-medium bowler and the founder of modern seam bowling.
  14. New Zealand was reeling at 29 for three after Srinath bowled impressively in helpful seam bowling conditions.
  15. The third test of the series was played at Headingley, traditionally known to be conducive for seam bowling.
  16. Bangladesh's bowlers kept a tidy length to trouble the West Indies batsmen in conditions conducive to seam bowling.
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