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  1. Former captain and seam bowler Shaun Pollock took 2-28.
  2. Seam bowler Tarez Aziz was included in place of Tapash Baisha.
  3. He was a forceful middle order batsman and useful seam bowler.
  4. He is a left arm seam bowler who bats right handed.
  5. Sri Lanka dropped injured batsman Hashan Tillakaratne and seam bowler Pulasthi Gunaratne.
  6. It's difficult to find seam bowler in a sentence.
  7. Kallis, 27, will replace seam bowler Dewald Pretorius.
  8. Lanky seam bowler Umar Gul replaced struggling seamer Shabbir Ahmed as Pakistan.
  9. Also, the delivery can be extremely useful to a seam bowler.
  10. He played three ODIs for Zimbabwe in 2001 as a seam bowler.
  11. The seam bowlers did a good job for the tourists.
  12. Smith was dismissed with a hit-wicket to seam bowler Andrew Flintoff.
  13. Seam bowlers can get a lot of help from certain types of pitches.
  14. He played as a left-arm seam bowler.
  15. He is a right-arm medium seam bowler.
  16. New Zealand will experiment with rookie seam bowler Kerry Walmsley against the Sri Lankans.
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