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  1. Its diet may also include the eggs of seafowl.
  2. That is the Spanish word for seafowl dung.
  3. The islands frequented were plentiful with potential foods, such as turtle, seafowl, shellfish, and fish.
  4. They lived primarily of hunting various animals such as seafowl and marine mammals, in addition to fishing and gathering.
  5. The islands frequented were plentiful with other potential foods, such as turtle, seafowl, shellfish, and fish.
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  7. When Henry Brougham visited in 1799 he noted that " the air is infected by a stench almost insupportable  a compound of rotten fish, filth of all sorts and stinking seafowl ".
  8. Emory estimated that 7.7 percent of the island ( 12 out of 156 acres ) was used for terraced, dry-land crop production, and along with fish and seafowl, Emory believed 100 people ( or more ) could have survived on a long-term basis.
  9. "FOGLE ` bird'D vogel, E fowl ( which in seafowl and fowler has the old meaning ), Dan fugl, Sw f錱el; better than "'Ido "'ucelo ( I uccello; F oiseau is too far be of use ) and Romanal ave, " which can be recognized by everyone " ( Gu閞ard ), i . e . everyone that knows Latin, for others will rather think of Ave Maria; S P ave is rarer than p醞aro, passaro ."

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