screw head in a sentence

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  1. I never understood the change to philips screw heads and the like.
  2. Pay particular attention to small crevices, screw heads and places like that.
  3. It's a spline tip with a corresponding recess in the screw head.
  4. Those screwdrivers will slip out of the screw head and damage the work.
  5. When driving screws, choose a screwdriver that fits properly in the screw head.
  6. It's difficult to find screw head in a sentence.
  7. This mounting technique conceals the large screw heads that hold the unit in place.
  8. Drill pilot holes first and countersink each screw head into the tr % ad
  9. It's well known that philips screw heads can get rounded off with use ..
  10. Q : Why are there two different types of screw heads, Phillips and the regular kind?
  11. Close inspection reveals the secret : screw heads.
  12. You could paint the screw heads or not.
  13. Round head screws are popular on pieces where the screw head doesn't have to be concealed.
  14. The Phillips has a beveled cross that fits into a screw head with a crossed slot.
  15. Some deck boards are installed with clips, so there are no nail or screw heads showing.
  16. Hartsfield said the chafed wiring was close to a screw head that was " roughened ."
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