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  1. Such is known as a'screw coupling '.
  2. Locomotives and some freight cars of the Indian Railways are fitted with a'transition coupler'that incorporates a screw coupling within a knuckle couplers.
  3. It is mechanical fully compatible to the SA3 coupler and the Unicoupler and if additional buffers are mounted it can be coupled with the conventional European screw coupling as well.
  4. The locomotives are able to supply electric head end power for passenger train heating and air-conditioning, and are equipped for buffer and screw coupling and also coupling via a buckeye coupler attached on a swing arm mount.
  5. The stock differed from that for the Southern Region in that each vehicle was long instead of, and the vehicles within the units had screw coupling with two buffers instead of the close-coupled single buffer with chain arrangement used on the Southern multiple units.
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  7. The outward evidence of on-board AWS comprised a protective shield behind the front screw coupling, a box to house the necessary batteries immediately in front of the cab on the right-hand side and a cylindrical vacuum reservoir above the right-hand running plate.
  8. "' Buffers and chain coupler "'( also called buffers and screw, screw coupler, or English coupler; in EU standards, it's two devices : " buffers " and " draw gear and screw coupling " ) is the standard train coupling system used in Europe, outside the former Soviet Union.

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