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  1. The feisty New Zealanders believe they have an advantage in screw caps.
  2. The move to screw caps got its real impetus from Down Under.
  3. Ace Glass offers thick-walled glass tubes with their proprietary Ace-Thred screw caps.
  4. Another competitor has popped up as some wineries abandon corks _ screw caps.
  5. Kumeu River is now using screw caps on all its wines.
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  7. The best-known screw cap, the Stelvin, was introduced in France in the 1950s.
  8. Some appellations ban the use of screw caps, including ( ) Valpolicella Classico.
  9. One way, say some, to overcome this problem is to use screw caps.
  10. Screw caps, say the Plump Jack people, do not cause the corky problem.
  11. In Europe, perceptions that associate screw caps with low-quality wine may be declining.
  12. Caution yourself not to order wine with a screw cap when you're in France.
  13. Screw-top caps, or screw caps, are hardly new to the wine and spirits business.
  14. Screw cap adoption in fine wines in Australia has proceeded in fits and starts.
  15. What about the controversy over corks versus screw caps?
  16. They understand why a screw cap is better _ because it eliminates the cork taint.
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