screening tools in a sentence

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  1. "Portfolio size is indeed an effective screening tool, " the report said.
  2. "Ductal lavage cannot be considered a sensitive screening tool, " Fabian agreed.
  3. The books provide screening tools to assess students'skills in various areas of literacy.
  4. In recent years, several easy-to-use and completely painless screening tools have been marketed.
  5. No one is claiming that mammography is a perfect screening tool.
  6. It's difficult to find screening tools in a sentence.
  7. It plans to eventually push for the technique's use as a screening tool.
  8. Previous research attempts using heat as a screening tool failed miserably.
  9. Barada advocates PSA testing because at present there's no better screening tool available.
  10. A TSH assay is now also the recommended screening tool for thyroid disease.
  11. But the tests are only meant to be a screening tool.
  12. But CT scans were never meant to be screening tools.
  13. Use of the site's screening tools, portfolio toolbox and other services requires a subscription.
  14. As it is now, it would make a great screening tool for specific objects.
  15. "' Safety Screening "':-DSC may also be used as an initial safety screening tool.
  16. Market Player's stock screening tools are more sophisticated than most found on the Web.
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