screening tool in a sentence

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  1. No one is claiming that mammography is a perfect screening tool.
  2. Previous research attempts using heat as a screening tool failed miserably.
  3. But the tests are only meant to be a screening tool.
  4. But CT scans were never meant to be screening tools.
  5. Its screening tools are easy to use, 2.
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  7. It is a screening tool that misses some tumors.
  8. A TSH assay is now also the recommended screening tool for thyroid disease.
  9. These tests can be used for the screening tool.
  10. But some screening tools are arbitrary and unfair.
  11. 5 ) Movies can be useful screening tools.
  12. "Ductal lavage cannot be considered a sensitive screening tool, " Fabian agreed.
  13. The need for reliable methods of posture assessment as a screening tool is warranted.
  14. Pap tests _ at least every three years _ rank among the best screening tools.
  15. Insurance rarely covers the cost of the most comprehensive tests when used as screening tools.
  16. It plans to eventually push for the technique's use as a screening tool.
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