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  1. Clinton's case also highlights the need to improve standard medical screening tests.
  2. At 49, she said, she had been having the screening test herself.
  3. Behind the dueling experts are some grim facts about this screening test.
  4. It has become the most effective and widely used cancer screening test.
  5. His case also highlights the need to improve standard medical screening tests.
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  7. But patients do not usually look at screening tests from that perspective.
  8. This was the first screening test to diagnose cervical and uterine cancer.
  9. Serum tryptase level is the initial screening test for suspected systemic mastocytosis.
  10. One method is a post-parturition screening test known as the Guthrie Test.
  11. He strongly denied press reports that he had failed a psychological-screening test.
  12. Genetic counseling usually is offered when the screening test result is positive.
  13. The question, he said, is whether the screening tests are detecting cancers.
  14. Validated screening tests like the CPSS tests the efficacy of treatment techniques.
  15. A screening test is used to determine if alternative medications are required.
  16. But there is no screening test that could be used on donors.
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