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  1. There are two broad categories of screening techniques : ligand-based and structure-based.
  2. What kind of screening techniques can be used to find them?
  3. The city learned that virtually no landlords were using tenant-screening techniques.
  4. In conclusion, predictive screening techniques derived from FATS data are practical and cost efficient.
  5. Some were discovered by chance and others by screening techniques.
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  7. However, even with the most thorough and comprehensive screening techniques, hiring mistakes are made.
  8. Collins and his colleagues think they have discovered the basis for such a screening technique.
  9. The Hydro-Estimator algorithm differs from the original AE by using a brightness temperature screening technique.
  10. The screening techniques studied in the research are already available, but only at a few medical centers.
  11. By the end of 1993, the different screening techniques had detected about an equal amount of cancer.
  12. Thirty-three pieces of microdebitage were recovered using water screening techniques, the largest of which measured 7 millimeters.
  13. This type of screening technique does not call for much of a change in your interview strategy.
  14. He conducted experiments for the Ministry of Supply into gas mask smoke filters and smoke screening techniques.
  15. Measurement of predictive visual tracking is being studied as a screening technique to identify mild traumatic brain injury.
  16. Stochastic screening ( or FM screening ) can also be used to proof print runs with this screening technique.
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