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  1. He filed suit in 1965, questioning the constitutionality of the screening system.
  2. The screening system can test more than 200, 000 compounds daily.
  3. But others remain more cautious about changing the current screening system.
  4. The first floor has a state-of-the-art inline checked baggage screening system.
  5. Improvements include new baggage carousels and an inbound baggage screening system.
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  7. The problem is that with our current screening system, that is more than possible.
  8. Those entering the village must pass through electronic screening systems.
  9. Light air travel so far has helped the transition to the new screening system.
  10. The screening system will be familiar to anyone who has followed the firm's work.
  11. It has, she asserts, " largely escaped the screening systems of philosophical inquiry ."
  12. Anyone entering the village must pass through electronic screening systems.
  13. Within days after that warning, health officials exposed a frightening breakdown in the blood-screening system.
  14. We have established a screening system which I believe is top class in the world,
  15. It seeks unspecified monetary damages, and asks the court to declare the screening system unconstitutional.
  16. Attorney David Boies said the screening system would block access to 1 million music files.
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