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  1. Terms and symbols for screening surfaces - part 2 : perforated plates
  2. Terms and symbols for screening surface - part 1 : woven cloth screens
  3. Screening surfaces ; woven filament cloth of silk or man - made fibers , dimensions
  4. They are installed above the screening surface of the roller screens
  5. The material is fed to the screening surface , which consists of rotating rolls
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  7. In cathode ray tubes , the small area on the screen surface which is bombarded by the electron beam
  8. Terms and symbols for screening surfaces - part 3 : cloth - like screens wedge wire screens and gratings
  9. Terms and symbols for screening surfaces - part 2 : perforated plates ; examples to be used in other technical areas
  10. Product introduction series of bs undulate screen , which surface are made of more line - up and row peach shape screen pieces , its rotor is circumrotate by same direction and equal speed , the screen surface intervene turning make of levity screen hole , drive materiel above screen go forward with undulate form , thereby reach to separate effectively
  11. Series of screen - bohou adopt large amplitudes , big intensity of vibrations , flexible screen surfaces , the motion parameters characteristics of adjustable amplitudes ; the unique structural features of " board of screen active , box inactive , unattached vibration of the screen surface " ; though segmented , multi - segments of screen surface jointed , large - scale of screen equipments can be realized , the advantages of large area , big handling capacity and no special requirements to the water of materials make the screen to be the best screen equipments used for the small wet materials

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