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  1. On 20 May 1945 she got underway for screening station Baker-13.
  2. The passenger went the wrong way and bypassed a screening station, authorities said.
  3. At least one officer must be posted at every screening station.
  4. The following day, 18 February, she headed for a screening station.
  5. Have you noticed the confusion at some screening stations?
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  7. She rendezvoused with TG 38.2 the following day and took up an antisubmarine screening station.
  8. Two British destroyers, and, rendezvoused with the transport on 27 December, and assumed antisubmarine screening stations.
  9. _Passengers will have to be met at the security screening stations rather than at airport gates.
  10. Crooks work in teams at screening stations,
  11. By 07 : 20, " Terry " was heading for a screening station north of the island.
  12. _Passengers will have to be met at the security screening stations rather than at the airport gate.
  13. After entering Leyte Gulf, " Manley " was assigned screening stations off the southern transport area at Dulag.
  14. Currently, the airport uses video cameras to monitor petty crime in the parking lots and in screening stations.
  15. Since 1991, the county has had $ 200, 677 in reserve for security equipment, including electronic screening stations.
  16. These officers are assigned to passenger screening stations so as to free up Airport Police officers for other duties.
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